Below is a list of operating systems and software applications I have used extensivley, I have solid understanding of any application listed, and how to use\deploy in a very large corporate setting.
(There are many applications I have not listed that I am familiar with)

DISCLAIMER Most of my work has been done within the Microsoft Windows world, so my OS skills are extensive there, but also includes the others.

Operating Systems
Windows, MAC OS, various UNIX flavors

Electronic Forensics Applications
Encase, FTK, RoboCopy, VOOM

Intursion Detection Applications
Arcsight, Cisco IPS, Cisco Works, McAfee EPO, Lancope's Stealwatch

Data Bases
MS SQL, MS Access (yes its actually still used)

Malware Analysis
VMWare, Various Sandboxes, Sysinternals Utilities, Foundstone Tools, etc

Various Usefull Applications
PGP, SecureID, VPN, SSH, SFTP, Putty, etc © 2008 Privacy Policy