Basic time lines. Do not hold me to the EXACT dates, but these are as close as I recall without digging up old records. I have plenty of job references if needed. Simple and brief description for each, but you can ask for details.

Intel Corporation - 05\02\2011 to present
Secure Outsourcing & External Presence Team:
External Presence Information Security Specialist. Responsible for manageing the risk and controls of the DMZ perimeter networks and External Presence environments.

Intel Corporation - 04\01\2007 to 05\02\2011
ITeDiscovery Team:
Electronic Evidence collections and forensics in support of HR and Litigation efforts. Extensive use of Encase\FTK. Clearwell and other post collection processing tools.

Intel Corporation - 11\01\2002 to 4\1\2007
Threat Management Team:
Emergency response team, malware lab member, Intrusion Detection and response. Heavy work in tuning Arcsight and Cisco NIDs, and creating automation around actual incidents and alerts. Custom rules and filters for Arcsight. I served as the McAffee contact for Intel, submitting new virus samples that we found in order to get DATs created.

Intel Corporation - 01\01\2000 to 11\01\2002
Messaging Engineering:
SMTP routing, and virus protection was the main focus here. Working with congested global networks and setting up the Active Directory connector.

Level One Communications - 04\01\1997 to 01\01\2000
Information Technologies - Microsoft Engineer:
Biggest work here was converting the company to the MS BackOffice suite of products. Any service that could be run on a MS server, was migrated over to one. All MS servers were controlled by me.

Tempworks - (Manpower of Sacramento) - 02\01\1994 to 04\01\1997
Developer, Systems Integrator:
I was brought in to help code a new software application that would use the new (at that time) MS platforms. MS SQL server, and IIS. This was to replace an older colbalt package. As the application became more marketable, it was sold (with support) to other temp companies. I was sent to convert and migrate older data to the new systems. As well as perform any custom solutions, and training. CEO's blogs about me

Video Cart - 04\01\1992 to 10\01\1993
State Operations Manger - Montana
Managed a small team that services the hardware for the 'video carts' that were deployed in all the stores in the state of Montana. this was a promotion following a successful year working as the central valley (California) manager. This job used both my management skills, as well as direct use of my EE degree. © 2008 Privacy Policy