This is the public site I am using for information about well.. ME. Some things on this site might pertain to friends and family members, but it is mainly a spot for me to highlight ME.

So, for some reason, you have found yourself on my site. Likely you were linked here from somewhere else, maybe to look over my resume, or you are a family member just keeping up with what is going on. For whatever reason, I hope you find what you need, and if not I expect you to contact me and ask me for whatever it is you did not find.

Profesional Work Experience

This is where you will find out about my present and past work experiences. This is an honest attempt to showcase my Skills and capabilities, as well as to give perspective on the type of work I have been involved in. It is not inflated, nor is it tailored for one particular job field. It is what it is.

Personal Tidbits

Things that I will share, just to answer some questions.

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