www.bbreen.com is a semi-private site set up to offer a portal into my personal life, and the life of my family and friends .

This site has NOTHING to do with any proffesional company, nor does it have anything to do with any company the owner or members may be associated with. Nothing is sold on this site, so no information about its members (yes there are some) is kept or retained other than the bare information needed to establish the account.

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www.bbreen.com can NOT verify the contents of any links to external websites. Links change over time, and what was once safe\good may now be harmfull. If you notice a bad link, please contact me and I will fix it.

www.bbreen.com has both personal(members only) and public photos. The owner of this site is NOT responsible for photo's published by its members. If you notice a photo that should NOT be posted, please contact me.

E-Mail generated from this site.
Members do have access to email accounts with the @bbreen.com domain name. The owner of this website is NOT responsible for any email that members may send. IF you are having issues with certain members of this site, please contact me.

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