Still working at Intel Corporation out of Penang Malaysia.

The Basics:

I am currently involved in keeping our DMZ and external presence secure.

Prior to working on the DMZ security team, I spent 4 years on the ITeDiscovery team supporting our internal HR and Litigation teams gathering forensic evidence collections related to open and preservation based cases. Encase Enterprise, FTK, Robocopy and other various tools used extensively. Developed and used custom Enscripts, Keywords, Conditions, and Subjects within Encase version 6x. I performed disk imagining for all types of disks and electronic media. Email\IM journaling is involved as well. I worked with outside vendors and counsel to resolve technical issues.

Prior to working on the E-Discovery team, I spent 5 years on the Intrusion Detection, Incident response team. Duties include designing, implementing, and supporting the IDS(both HIDS and NIDS), Created the Malware response lab to dissect and resolve malware issues. Risk assessments done for both NEW applications landing, and new vulnerabilities in current applications. This tied into the Patch Pipeline process to mitigate the risks. Incident response and management related to all aspects of information security were performed. I also traveled the world training our various security teams in the different global regions.

And even prior to working the IDS and Incident Response issues, I worked on the Messaging Engineering team for 2 years. Most of my job duties on this team were related to SMTP malware mitigation, SMTP routing, and the conversion of our Exchange 5.5 environment over to the Active Directory.

Believe it or not, there was work\life prior to Intel. I was the Microsoft Engineer for a company called Level One Communications for 3 years. (Bought by Intel) I converted this company from a Lotus Notes environment over to a full Microsoft BackOffice company. Email, Databases, Websites, print and file servers, etc.. you get the idea. Older work details listed below.

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